12 Ways to Take Care of Your Computer So It Is Not Slow and Damaged

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Computer or Laptop that we use every day also need maintenance so that they are not slow and not damaged. How to care for this computer is practically easy and easy, because in addition to discipline, it also has to fight laziness. A slow computer usually has a problem with the software, but does not rule out the possibility of the hardware as well. If we are not diligent in taking care of hardware and software, then our computer can be damaged.

I myself have experienced computer damage restarting on its own. After I checked carefully, it turned out that the RAM I was using was dirty. So, I tried cleaning it with a rubber eraser. And then I plug it in the socket again, as a result my computer is back to normal. Well, this is why I advise you to take care of your computer so that it is not damaged and slow.

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12 Ways to Take Care of Your Computer So It Is Not Slow and Damaged

  • Use the stabilizer and UPS so that the mains voltage is stable.
  • High voltage can damage computer hardware such as power supply.
  • Do not turn off the computer by unplugging the plug directly while the computer is operating.
  • Turn off the computer in accordance with the rules, namely click start-shutdown, then wait until the computer is completely dead, then you can unplug the computer.
  • Avoid the computer from direct sunburn. Avoid placing liquid objects close to the computer. 
  • Avoid objects that have magnetic properties close to the computer, because they can damage the monitor and hardware. 
  • CPC Clean CPU and other hardware periodically using a soft cloth, small paint brush and air spray. For example power supply, heatsink, cool fan, RAM, and motherboard. 
  • Use local antivirus and do periodic scanning on each computer drive, for example once every 1 week. 
  • Perform periodic data checking whether deleting or backing up data to anticipate excess capacity on each computer drive. 
  • If there is a computer drive that is almost full, then the computer becomes slow. 
  • Use applications that are only needed to help your work. Uninstall applications that are not needed to ease your RAM memory load. 
  • So that the computer is durable, not slow and not easily damaged, I myself use Deep Freeze. So, after I install all the applications I need, then run the Deep Freeze application, and freeze on drive C.
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Do tips on how to care for the computer properly and correctly so that the computer stays durable and long-lasting. I myself have implemented the method above, so that my computer stays durable and long lasting. Usually if the computer starts slow due to multitasking activities, I restart and the computer returns to normal. Thus the article about 10 ways to care for a computer so it is not slow and damaged. Do not forget to do regular maintenance, at least 1 month twice. Hopefully this article is useful for those of you who are looking for info on how to take care of a computer.

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