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Now is the era where the internet is not just a place to find information. You can get many benefits as long as you know how to get money from the internet.

In fact, we say there are many ways that you can take to achieve success even in youth with a business on the internet.

Can it be done without capital? Of course not, because at least you have to have an internet connection. But for money capital, you only need to spend a little money or even need to spend one percent of the funds.

Before making a “trip” further, here are some capital that you must prepare.

1. Supporting Devis

The device in question can be a computer or smartphone.

2. Internet connection

In addition to the above devices, you must also have an internet connection.

3. Understanding

The internet is indeed unlimited, you can learn to understand some of the techniques used in different cases.

4. Account

An e-mail account is the opening way to register on a particular website.

5. Bank / Paypal account

Payments made while diving in the internet world certainly use a bank account or it can also be via paypal. This makes it easy for you to receive payments.

You can try several ways to get money from the internet below:

1. Blogging

Blogging is an easy alternative to making money from the internet, you can reap a lot of profits when you become a Blogger. It does require hard work and SEO in it. However, if you succeed beyond it, the benefits you get are unlimited.

Why do we place it at number 1? because many can be “cashed” with blogging. One of them is through the Google Adsense pay per click (PPC) program.

Or it could be by providing valuable content on a regular basis, because maybe someone who is thinking is interested in information and products related to your niche.

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Blogging has the advantage of not being ruled by anyone because we build and develop ourselves, so there’s no need to worry about trying to become a Blogger.

2. Youtube

The development of Youtube in Indonesia itself is quite rapid. Youtube can also be used as a field of money, you only have to create Youtube channels and create interesting content to be liked by many people.

In addition, monetization by allowing Youtube to include ads on your video. When the audience clicks on the ad, you will be paid (you share it with Google). This can add to the coffers of money when becoming a Youtuber.

3. Paid Surveys

Sometimes a company really needs opinions on the products they produce. Therefore, some companies will provide paid surveys on their website.

4. Article Making Services

This is an opportunity for those of you who like the field of writing, this is one way to get money from the internet that you can try.

The busyness of the Bloggers who did not have the chance to make the article could become a land of money for the article writer. Your ability to write and vocabulary becomes capital that you must hold.

5. Online Buying and Selling

Today there are many online stores that market many of the products they sell. They use the internet as their selling stalls.

This makes it easy for them to increase the coffers of money by trading online, especially this is easy to do. You can just upload products in a variety of large marketplace.

6. Paid for searching the web

how to get money from the internet 2019

This method is one of the easiest methods to make money online without hard work.

The site that initiated this innovative is Qmee.com, the site will pay you every time you search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

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You simply install the add-on to the browser and every time you do a search, you will get several sponsored results in addition to the normal search.

The good news is that there is no minimum value for cashing into a Paypal account.

7. Review websites & apps

Almost the same as being a content writer, it’s just that this way of getting money from the internet is focused on reviewing websites and apps.

Examples of websites that you can use to review websites and apps are UserTesting.com. Here you can review the web and apps.

Usually, every review takes about 20 minutes and you can be paid up to $ 10 via paypal.

8. Get Paid To ’sites

Similar to making money from online surveys, Get Paid To sites gives you rewards in the form of cash and vouchers for completing various online offers or activities.

9. Write and publish e-books on the Kindle

With the Amazon Kindle store, anyone can publish eBooks and earn money.

And kindle applications are now available on almost all devices (laptops, smartphones, ipads, and Kindles). So that your market can be said to be very large.

The money you can get every time you sell a book is $ 1.90 – $ 8.89, and you can get 70% of that sale.

One other reason is that Amazon is the busiest buying and selling site in the world.

10. Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

If you have a good website or branding on social media, then you can try an affliate business to make money quickly by promoting various kinds of products, services, and other online offers.

The affiliate business network is very broad, you can try it on Amazon, Awin Network, and others. If someone buys (can take up to 90 days) with a link that you share, then you will get a commission.

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11. Become ‘Clickworker’

How to Get Money through the Internet The clickworker.com site is based on “internet crowd-sourcing”, you just click here and there according to the instructions given and you will get money from the internet.

There are various things you can do at Clickworker, but the most frequent is filling out forms. You will be paid directly through Paypal.

12. Review Music

If you are interested in music, you can review bands and artists who are not registered online with cash through the Slicethepie.com website.

It does take a little time to build your reputation on this site. From some information, they can get $ 50 per month. Although not much, but if this is a fun thing for you to do, then it doesn’t hurt.

13. Domain Buying and Selling

You can try to find available domain names that are likely to have commercial value. Like the lasvegas.com domain that was sold for Rp. 1.17 trillion. You can sell domains at Sedo.com.

14. Selling photos

You can sell photos on the internet to get money, especially if you feel that your photo skills are good and full of creativity.

Try to upload it on the site Fotolia.com, Istockphoto.com, as well as various other photo selling sites.

well that’s how to get money from the internet in the next article I will continue to update any way to get money from the internet that you can practice directly even though you are a beginner.

Hopefully useful, Thank you.

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