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6 Ways to Choose the Right Car Insurance

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A car is one of the main needs to support all activities.  As a valuable asset, it is imperative to ensure that your car is maintained and protected.  One of them is by having insurance for your vehicle.  Choosing insurance can’t be arbitrary, because it’s important to know how to choose car insurance.

Having insurance for your vehicle is actually quite important in case something unexpected happens to your car, such as an accident, flood, fire and other unpleasant events.  Therefore, in choosing the right insurance for your car, you can’t be careless because you have to consider several aspects.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Car Insurance

 Before deciding to have car insurance, it’s a good idea to know how to choose the right car insurance:

 Adapting to Your Needs

 The first step you need to do is check and know clearly about the condition of your car, you can check the condition of the car by looking at several things such as the condition of the age of the vehicle, the condition of the engine, body, and other things that can certainly be considered.

 By knowing the condition of your vehicle, it will be easier to determine what type of car insurance is most suitable for your favorite car.  For this type of vehicle insurance there are two types that you can consider and choose, namely:

 All Risk Insurance

 The All Risk type of car insurance or what is commonly called Comprehensive has the benefit of protecting your car thoroughly from the risk of damage that can occur, such as minor damage, such as abrasions, dents, and other minor damage, to major damage, such as a collision that causes the body to swell.  your car is deformed or car theft.

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  With this All Risk insurance, you will be able to cover things as mentioned above depending on the provisions of each policy.  Not only that, this All Risk Insurance can also provide more protection in order to protect your car as a whole.

  The expansion generally includes the possibility of cars being exposed to natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, floods and car damage that occurs due to other riots as well as the risk of legal liability from third parties.

 Total Loss Only Insurance

 This type of Total Loss Only car insurance has a function to be able to provide protection for your car when the car you have insured gets total damage.  This total damage could be like the loss of the car due to theft, or damage to the car that reaches up to 75% of the value of the car at the time of the accident.

Knowing in detail the advantages of the product

 Each type of vehicle insurance, of course, can provide different benefits and benefits, depending on the type and service features you need.  You should know in advance what the benefits and forms of protection can be from the car insurance that you are going to buy, so that later you will not experience losses in the future.

Comparison Each Insurance Product

 To be able to find which insurance service is best for you, of course, you can’t just know one type of insurance product, right?  You can try to compare several types of the same product that come from different insurance companies

 That way you can know for sure which insurance service from which company is the most suitable and you can choose as your vehicle insurance.  This comparison can be done by visiting the insurance company directly or by trying to visit their official website online.

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 Choose the Product That You Think is Most Appropriate

  Don’t be in a hurry to make a decision, because it is quite important to be able to find the most appropriate and best insurance product for your car.  Some insurances can be the same, but by looking for various detailed information, later you can find out which insurance is the most appropriate and suitable for you to use.

 Don’t Forget To Adjust The Ability To Pay

 How much the premium value will also affect the benefits and protection that you will get later.  You certainly want to get the best insurance service, with the best premiums, there is the best protection too.  but despite all that desire, it is quite important for you to consider your financial capabilities as well.

 You don’t need to force yourself to take large premiums that are still unaffordable by your financial capabilities.  Things like that will only make your finances disrupted and cause some problems with your expenses.

 Find the Best Insurance Service

 Finding and using the services of the best insurance company is important.  Currently there are various types of insurance companies that can provide car insurance services, so you can use the many insurance companies as material for comparison that can be used to choose and determine the insurance of choice.

Don’t be in a hurry to make a choice, just consider the following when choosing the best insurance company:

 Company Credibility

 Make sure that you use insurance services from a company that has good credibility and can be trusted.  Also look at their current reputation, of course you can also see how much public trust in the insurance company that you will choose.

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 Customer Complaint Ratio

Make sure the information about the ratio of insurance customer complaints, you can find this information online by going to their official website and also looking for various online forums about trustworthy insurance.  Also look at the level of settlement of customer complaints that have been carried out, the higher the level of settlement, the better it will be for you to choose the insurance.

 Company Partner Workshop

 Insurance company partner workshops of course also need to be taken into consideration, choose an insurance company that has many reliable partner workshops and can make it easier for you when you are going to make repairs to your vehicle if at any time there is damage or an accident.

 Choose an insurance company that has a reliable partner repair shop and is not far from your home or office, so you need to waste a lot of time getting to your place.  Pay attention and consider the track record of the insurance company’s partner repair shop and make sure they have the ability to deal with any damage to their customer’s vehicle.


 Those are 6 ways to choose your car insurance, indeed the benefits of insurance are not immediately felt but can be useful in the future when things happen that are not desirable.

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