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Benefits of Having Pregnancy Insurance

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Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life. Even so, it must be remembered if there are risks that accompany it, both for pregnant women and prospective children. Therefore, it is important for you to take preventive measures by registering for pregnancy insurance.

It is important for every woman to have pregnancy insurance. This will ensure the safety of pregnant women if things happen that are not desirable later. To find out more about pregnancy insurance, you can read this article to the end.

The Importance of Having Pregnancy Insurance

As explained above, v is important for every woman. Here are things about pregnancy insurance that you should know!

What is Pregnancy Insurance

Maternity insurance or commonly known as pregnancy insurance or childbirth insurance is an insurance product that can cover all costs from the process of pregnancy to your delivery. The forms of protection and facilities that will be provided from this insurance are reducing medical costs related to pregnancy.

So if you do various types of examinations and delivery costs, the costs can be reduced or covered. In fact, if a mother has a miscarriage, this insurance also helps to cover the cost of her recovery.

You need to know that pregnancy insurance has a waiting period of 12 months before the policy recipient can benefit from its coverage. However, there are also several insurance companies that are willing to offer product options with insurance facilities without the usual waiting period. So with this insurance policy recipients can get protection according to the policy at any time when needed.

Types of Pregnancy Insurance

There are two types of pregnancy insurance, for more details, please refer to the following explanation:

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Types of Maternity Life Insurance

Maternity Life Insurance is a type of insurance that can provide sum assured or compensation if there is a risk of complications during the delivery process. For example, if the baby dies or is born with a disability, this insurance can cover it.

Types of Private Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance can provide protection such as the cost of childbirth, whether done normally or by Caesarean section. Not only that, this insurance can also cover the cost of miscarriage, NICU costs, including various examinations to prevent the risk of complications.

Pregnancy Insurance Benefits

Like other insurance products, this type of pregnancy insurance is useful to ensure the fulfillment of all costs needed during pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, this insurance is very important to apply for customers who plan to have a delivery process using HPL.

This insurance is very important considering that the cost of normal delivery and caesarean section is quite expensive, which ranges from 5 million to 20 million Rupiah. Therefore, it is important for prospective parents to prepare everything to welcome their baby. One of them is to register with pregnancy insurance.

What is the Importance of Having Choosing Pregnancy Insurance?

If you are still unsure about having pregnancy insurance, then make sure to pay attention to the things below first!

Pay Attention to Pregnancy Insurance Facilities

Although having pregnancy insurance is an urgent matter, it turns out that not many young couples prioritize this type of insurance. Before you choose which insurance product to use, be sure to read the entire contract and agreement thoroughly. If you don’t understand, you can ask the insurance officer first.

Usually the public facilities that you will get if you register for pregnancy insurance are covering all costs for obstetrical examinations, covering ultrasound and lab costs, even delivery costs.

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Protection for Various Risks of Pregnancy and Childbirth

In addition to the above, there are also other benefits of having pregnancy insurance, namely to reduce the risk of complications of pregnancy and childbirth from mild to fatal

Especially considering that until now Indonesia is listed as a country with an alarming maternal mortality rate. In fact, there are 30 percent of deaths from a thousand live births, or it can be concluded that there are around 305 mothers who die for every thousand births.

Expensive Gynecological Examination Fee

Continuing with the previous point, the cost of the examination of the content is quite expensive. This is because the obstetrical examination process usually uses certain tools such as ultrasound. For example, if a pregnant woman does not use pregnancy insurance, then every pregnant woman who wants to have her pregnancy checked by an obstetrician must pay at least IDR 100-300 thousand for one meeting.

Even the cost of gynecological examinations in big cities is much higher than this. So don’t be surprised if mothers choose not to have their womb checked by a doctor. However, if you have pregnancy insurance, you can have your pregnancy checked for free on a regular basis.

Correctly Understanding the Functions of Pregnancy Insurance

Before deciding which pregnancy insurance product to buy, be sure to first understand deeply what pregnancy insurance is, including its services.

There are many insurance products for pregnancy programs offered by the government through the Health Insurance Administration Agency to products offered by private insurance. Of course, each product offered has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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One indication of a good pregnancy insurance is that it can reduce or eliminate the cost of coverage for pregnancy and childbirth programs. It would be better if the facilities offered were complete, starting from the cost of an obstetrical examination, inpatient rooms and various medical procedures for pregnancy or childbirth.

Insurance Waiting Period

You need to know that usually pregnancy insurance programs need a waiting period to get the policies offered. For customers who intend to register for pregnancy or childbirth insurance, don’t be surprised to hear the term waiting period.

The term waiting period or also known as the waiting period is a certain period of time that policy recipients must wait before getting insurance protection facilities or before getting benefits from the claims offered. Generally, this waiting period applies to insurance against health and maternity coverage.

Actually, the purpose of insurance providers by imposing a waiting period is to find out various chronic diseases suffered by prospective policy recipients. You need to remember that during this waiting period, prospective policy recipients cannot submit claims.

One type of waiting period that is usually applied to pregnancy insurance is the preliminary waiting period which applies to hospitalization. Generally the duration of this waiting period ranges from 14 to 30 days.

That’s an explanation of pregnancy insurance that you should know. If interested, you can start looking for pregnancy insurance products that are currently being offered by the private sector and the government. Hope this article helps!

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