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Find out the Life Insurance Claim Procedure to Avoid Rejection!

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Life insurance is an insurance product that is very profitable for the holder and his heirs if a claim is successful.  For those of you who are confused about how to claim a good life insurance, you can listen to the reviews below.

Why Choose Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance product as a form of coverage for a person’s risk as an insurance policy holder to family members themselves.

There are many reasons you need to consider why you should choose life insurance, what are they?  Below is the explanation.

Protection against Loss of Family Opinion

You can use this life insurance as an anticipation of protection if one day a disaster or accident occurs which results in loss of family income.

By using life insurance products, families who experience loss of income due to the death of their source of income can still fulfill their financial needs.  Because, there is money insured from life insurance.

Protection of the Risk of Death Due to Diseases That Cause Death

In Indonesia itself, it was recorded by the WHO survey in 2002 where there are several diseases that cause a person’s death, namely coronary heart disease, lung disease, respiratory disease, blood vessel disorders, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, newborn disease, traffic accidents.  , diabetes, and diarrhea.  These diseases are very common.

With life insurance, you can protect yourself against the risk of these diseases that result in death.

Retirement Investment Savings

Not only the two points above, you can also take advantage of this life insurance as a means of saving future investments.

Where you can make savings for long-term needs by using life insurance.  Because, the nature of this insurance payment is more regular, mandatory and you can’t take it easily at any time.

So those are 3 reasons why you should choose life insurance, of course, the use of life insurance is very beneficial for the insurance policy holder.

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Talking about life insurance, it turns out that there are several types of insurance that can be used.  What are they?

Life Insurance Claim Procedure

In making a life insurance claim, you cannot make a claim arbitrarily, because there are several procedures or steps that you must take, including:

Inform the Insured’s Death

The first procedure you have to do in claiming life insurance is that you must confirm the death of the insured to the Insurance Party.

So with this, even though you are one of the heirs who are grieving, you must contact the insurance company to notify the policy owner who died.

In addition, you not only prepare documents related to the life insurance policy owned by the insured but also along with a death certificate.  This is because the insurer will ask for information regarding the death of the owner of the insurance policy.

Complete the Claim Form Correctly

The next procedure you can complete a document claim form, in which in this form you must fill in a true and complete statement.  Not only filling out forms, you will also be asked for supporting documents in making claims,

You should not delay the processing of these documents, you can ask for help from your relatives to take care of and collect the required documents.

Wait for the Claims Analysis Process

Before processing a claim, you must ensure the completeness of the documents collected.  Because these documents are very important for processing claims.  Therefore, it is very important to make sure these documents are complete.

Furthermore, a claim analysis will be carried out, where the insurance company will verify starting from the insured’s personal data, the status of the insured’s insurance policy, death information by adjusting the terms and conditions of coverage by the insurance and others.

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Payment of claims

Insurance claims will be forwarded to the liability calculation stage after the results of the analysis are said to be successful.  where at this calculation stage the insurance company calculates the claim payments paid to the heirs of the insurance policy owner.

You can make sure to include a photocopy of the account book when submitting the requested supporting documents.  This aims to avoid delays in payment of claims.

Now that’s the 4 stages of the procedure in submitting a life insurance claim, you can follow the steps above in accordance with the procedures established by the insurance company you are using.

If you feel that you have followed the 4 procedures but are afraid or feel that your insurance claim has been rejected, you can read about the things in making a claim so that it is not rejected in the review below.

Things to Pay Attention to Avoid Rejected Life Insurance Claims

The following are things that you should pay attention to so that submitting an insurance claim does not end in bad luck because of a claim rejection.

Fill out the Claim Form Honestly

The first thing that you must pay attention to when submitting a claim is filling out the form honestly.  This is because each insurer will check the answers you fill in the claim form.

The fatal thing is, if you don’t answer the form honestly, the insurance company will not want to pay for the claim.

Not only that, also make sure the documents collected are completely complete so they don’t trigger problems in the claim.

Make sure premium payments are not stuck

Second, so that the claim is not rejected, make sure you pay the premium regularly and correctly so that there is no bottleneck in the payment of the insurance premium.

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Where when the insurance parties find a history of policy lapses, the insurance company may not have an obligation to pay the sum insured when the policyholder experiences something.

Therefore, it is very important for you holders of life insurance or any type of insurance not to delay insurance payments.

Therefore, you must be diligent and routine to make premium payments at the specified time.

Another thing that causes insurance to be rejected outright by the insurance company is that the policyholder experiences death due to suicide.

Where every insurance company is always consistent to reject claims related to suicide.

Many people refuse to die because of their own actions, especially if it is an act of suicide.

For example, a policy holder has an accident due to his own actions and results in his death, such as speeding on the road while driving.

Not Claiming Insurance for Crime

Not only because of suicide, this insurance claim can also be rejected if the insurance policy holder dies because of his crime.  For example, the police shot dead when he committed a crime.

Not only insurance holders, claim submissions can also be rejected if the heirs intentionally kill the insurance holder just to get some of the insurance money.

The four things above, you need to pay attention to and understand so that filing a life insurance claim does not get rejected by the company.

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