Foto: FIFA via Getty Images/David Ramos - FIFA
Foto: FIFA via Getty Images/David Ramos - FIFA

Goalkeeper, FIFA, and Emi Martinez need to be more ‘Attitude’

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FIFA has just released a new policy to prevent Goalkeeper from changing their minds on penalty kicks in any form. Emi Martinez is happy to follow the new policy, and it shouldn’t cause any problems.

In 2023, FIFA will implement a new rule pertaining to Goalkeeper. The rule targets Argentine footballer Emiliano Martinez, who repeatedly committed acts of ‘provocation’ during the 2022 World Cup.

In order to obtain the consent of the lawan, Emi Martinez performed a variety of gesturing, getting up and kicking the ball when the penendang penalti was ready to start his trial.

As per Law 14 FIFA, a player may not interfere with an evaluator’s consent. This may be done before the penalty is delivered, or when the ball is about to be delivered.

During a penalty kick or during penalties, goalkeepers must not behave in a manner that unfairly distracts the kicker.

There are reports stating that FIFA’s policies are “anti-Emi Martinez” since Emi Martinez has been doing this for the past two months, including at his club, Aston Villa.

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"I have no problem with this rule, I have saved many penalties which have won the Copa America and the World Cup for my national team," Emi Martinez told ESPN.

"I will adapt to the new rules of modern football," he concluded.

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