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How to Claim Accident Insurance Protection, Types and Definitions

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Nobody knows about the future.  Humans can not predict the coming of the calamity that comes to meet him.  Likewise with accidents that cannot be predicted.  Therefore, to provide coverage for the situation, and not burdensome in financial needs, people started to use accident insurance coverage.

You can apply for accident insurance to complement other insurances such as health, death, and so on.  Why is accident insurance needed?  Of course, it is important, so that it becomes a protective layer that guarantees costs (in cash), if you experience an unexpected thing, namely an accident to death.

Big or small the accident, of course there are many possibilities why accident insurance is important to have.  For example, aspects of the cost of recovery and the healing process require a large amount of funds.  In order for the process to be guaranteed, accident insurance is needed, especially for those who have higher mobility.  Here will be reviewed all things accident insurance for you!

About Accident Insurance

As an accident insurance protection there are benefits that the owner receives when applying for this type of insurance.  In this sense, accident insurance will cover the risk of disability (temporary/permanent) caused by an accident or death due to an accident.

Accident insurance is designed to cover the cost of treatment due to an accident experienced by the insured.  These accidents can occur at work or on the road while driving.  Insurance owners can use it, to cover financial losses due to accidents at work or on the go.  The benefits that can be received by accident insurance owners are as follows:

  •  Covers medical expenses and care due to accidents and resulting in temporary or permanent disability.
  •  Direct treatment due to an accident, including in this case the entry of viruses or germs in the area of ​​​​the wound caused by the accident.
  •  Giving money or compensation funds to families left by accident insurance owners.
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From the above benefits, there are several costs that are borne by the insurer, such as emergency care, hospitalization, medical tests, treatment, lodging, and final medical expenses.

Types of Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is relatively inexpensive to apply for.  Very appropriate, if you are looking for an affordable alternative to personal protection insurance.  A death may seem distant to you, but with unpredictable situations, due to certain factors such as age, occupation, and lifestyle, death can come at any time.

To get accident insurance, you can get it from a professional insurance provider as well as through the workplace (provided by the company).  Of the many types of accident insurance, you need to choose the insurance that suits your needs.

The types of accident insurance are divided into 4. To choose it, you need to review your work activities.  If in a day your mobility is quite high, and you spend a lot of time outdoors, you often travel somewhere.  You need to choose accident insurance coverage that suits your activity.

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance product is in the form of providing sum assured to individual customers in the event of an accident.  The guarantee that will be covered by personal accident insurance includes death (death), permanent disability, and injury due to an accident.

Personal accident insurance is also available for several insureds including individuals (only cover one person), group (aimed at teams/groups/groups, a maximum of 25 people, this need adjusts to company rules), and families (given to family members as a whole starting from father to father).  , mother and child).

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Work Accident Insurance

This insurance is intended for employees or workers of a company.  Where the sum insured / death benefit will be given to employees (depending on the location of the accident, either inside the company or on the way).  The premium for this work accident insurance ranges from Rp. 100-400 thousand per year.

This form of compensation has various types including (1) death compensation, (2) scholarship compensation for heir education, (3) work break allowance. Usually this type of insurance is very suitable for employees who have a high risk of accidents at work.  Examples are work in heavy equipment construction, factories, and high-rise building management.

Airplane Accident Insurance

Airplane accident insurance is intended for airplane passengers who have an accident.  There are parties who bear the costs of the plane crash, including the airline, the government, and the institution that oversees the trip.

The forms of providing insurance for airplane passengers who experience an accident include (1) death compensation given to the heirs, (2) providing permanent disability compensation in accordance with the benefits stated in the policy.

Traffic Accident Insurance

Traffic accident insurance or passenger accident social insurance, provides a guarantee in the form of money compensation to victims of traffic accidents.  As for the accident victims, as the insured, they get benefits in the form of insurance against the risk of death, permanent/permanent disability, and injury.  This form of compensation includes several aspects as follows.

 (1) Death accident compensation, (2) permanent/permanent disability, (3) medical treatment costs, (4) burial replacement funds if the insured does not have an expert guardian, (5) first aid costs reimbursement funds, (6) transportation replacement funds  , for example an ambulance.

How to Claim Accident Insurance Protection

To file your accident insurance claim, there is an adjustment to the type of insurance first.  Each accident insurance has its own criteria.  But in general there are parties who will bear the costs, if you apply for accident insurance.  After receiving treatment at the hospital, you need to arrange documents to receive compensation for bodily damage, either injury, permanent/temporary disability, and death.

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Before that you need to know about the claims system addressed to first parties and third parties.  If you have an accident due to your own fault, causing an accident to someone else, then you must file a claim against the first party by providing your car insurance.

Unlike the first party, filing a third party claim, is intended when you have an accident because of someone else or you are in someone else’s vehicle when the accident occurs.  Submission of claims can be addressed to the insurance company that covers it.

The claim submission process includes (1) determining the cause of the accident, (2) the insurance company weighing the claim submission, (3) providing evidence in the form of photos, (4) the insurance company calculating the number of claims submitted, (5) the insurance company issuing a settlement check.

Learn more about the process of claiming accident insurance coverage that you can do.  In the application process, if it is rejected by the insurance company, you can file an appeal.  The appeal process is adjusted to the policies and provisions that apply to your insurance company.

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